2D Photon Simulator

A toy photon simulator that bounces a bunch of photons around in a 2D-collision-mapped image.


Raymarching Distance Fields

I implement a ray-casting based rendering technique, optimized using distance fields for ray acceleration. It runs in real-time with shading effects like soft-shadows, ambient occlusion and diffuse lighting.


Riemann Snake

My first 3D game, written in C++ and OpenGL. You control a snake around a piece of spherical geometry, avoiding enemies and picking up apples. It has explosions and audio!

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Android plugin for Sublime Text 2

A plugin for those who wish to make Android apps without heavy IDEs like Eclipse. The plugin provides an interface for creating new projects, as well as a single-step build- and install-system.


Sprite Assist

This application is meant to assist artists with tools that are often missing in regular painting programs. You can tile the sprite to see how it fits in a tilemap, and view it as an animation. Coded in C# using WinForms.


Color Picker

A small tool for looking up color values. You can pick colors anywhere on the screen by pressing the 'pick' button, which also responds to the enter key. Coded in C# using WinForms.


Texture Editor

Easily add or remove padding in textures and export the results. Coded in C# using WinForms.


Newtonian Gravity Simulator

A simple interactive gravity simulator, based on newtonian mechanics. This application was coded in C++ using SFML 2.0.