Sprite Assist

Building on my previous application Sprite Animation Viewer, Sprite Assist is a similiar program, meant to assist artists with tools that are often missing in regular painting applications.

You can load a spritesheet and view it as an animation, and you can tile the sprite in order to see how it works in a tilemap. That way you can easily do small edits in order to eliminate the grid and hopefully avoid dreadful art as depicted above.


How to use:

Load images by drag-and-dropping files or clicking the 'open' button. Set the width and height to the size of your sprite. Drag the slider to control the animation speed. The image is reloaded automatically when a change is detected or when the window receives focus.


    • Added automatic checking for file changes
    • Improved memory handling
    • Changed the icon
    • Open file dialog now shows an item for all supported image files

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