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Exams are coming up, and with no lectures I've had some spare time to mess around with OpenGL. I'd like to work on a larger project of some kind, but for now I've been doing these small tech demo thingies.

I've been using my homemade rendering library named glTerrain. It started out as the name suggests, but over time it morphed into some weird mix of who knows. But it works!

All the demos (there are more than in this post) can be found on my Github.

Dynamic terrain rendering

This one loads a height- and normalmap from disk, and whips up the terrain mesh on the fly, using the vertex shader. I calculate tangents and bitangents on there as well, so that the normalmap works properly with deformed terrain.

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This one uses OpenGL 4.2 and something called transform feedback. Basically, you perform a bunch of computations on the GPU, retrieve the result and use them again in a loop. Pretty nifty!

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This demo uses deferred rendering and lights with polygonal extrusion in SPACE. The deferred rendering bit makes it simpler to add multiple lights together in the shader - I wrote a forward rendering version as well ;)

Pardon the .gif ruining the color gradients.

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