Winter break

And I programmed a graphical user interface, because I'm weird like that.

C++ really is a blast to work with though. I have no idea how

typedef void (*MouseEventHandler)(Control *sender, int x, int y)
works - but it does. Thank you StackOverflow, I am forever grateful.

It is supposed to be for a level editor. I have already made a level editor, but it was in C#.

"Why not just use that one then?"

Or so you ask. Well I think I find the most fun not in making games, but tools, engines and small prototypes. I like making tiny programs that visualize everything from bird flocking to water falling and draw bezier curves by recursively calling De Casteljau's algorithm. I never used my previous level editor to, you know, make levels. And I doubt this one will be used for such either.

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