YARG - Yet Another Ridiculous Game

So one day I was sitting in my sofa and watching a particular Vocaloid video on YouTube, and suddenly I came up with this amazing idea, of making a really bad game (yeah). The point of focus was to make the experience as aggrivating as possible for the player.

So I started programming this piece of junk, but at some time I began to realize that I might actually finish this game. Which meant it would be the first game I ever finished. So I said fuck it, refactored my code, cleaned out bugs and actually started taking this seriously.

2112 deaths. Bugtesting is fun.

The goal I had in mind was to bring back the old days of gaming, where it wasn't a question of how fast you could beat the game, but rather how far you could get before admitting defeat.

I added keys and locked doors, which made for more interesting gameplay. If I wanted players to not rip their hair out before even clearing the first level, I had to keep in consideration not making the game too difficult at early parts, and instead providing the player with an actual learning curve (though it might be a tad exponential). In the first level I would introduce the player to the general concepts of my shittily designed game world. The danger of touching spikes/enemies/lasers, and how to get to the next stage. I also wanted to players to know that you can actually drop down from the semi-collidable tiletype.


At the early development stages I had no plan whatsoever for the game (not that I do now either), and it consisted plainly of deadly spikes and an exit for each level. This would get quite boring after a while, so I thought of adding some "fun" features. Namely enemies and lasers. I also had to get more creative with the levels, which is the main reason this post doesn't have download links to this yet. I plan on having atleast 12 levels in the end, and maybe another gameplay element, before releasing this.

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